Parts, Equipment, Lab Notes

  • To order parts the easy way, rather than find each part on your own, you can use these lists provided by three distributors: Digikey, Mouser and ProtoAdvantage.
  •   We use three because no single distributor carries all the parts that we use.  ProtoAdvantage provides a useful service, necessary for people like us who breadboard circuits: Proto procures parts (from Digikey) and solders them to a carrier that is in DIP form, and thus breadboardable.These distributors have set up lists based on our book’s master parts list.  You can order everything on a particular distributor’s list , or you can reject particular parts.These lists come in three versions: analog parts (Digikey and Mouser), digital parts (Digikey and Mouser), all parts (except surface mount packages; Digikey and Mouser).  The same three-way division applies to the Proto Advantage list (which is much shorter).
  • Please note that these three suppliers are not alternatives; you will need to order from all three sources.
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