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About The Book


Learning the Art of Electronics
A Hands-On Lab Course

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This introduction to circuit design is unusual in several respects. First, it offers not just explanations, but a full course. Each of the twenty-five sessions begins with a discussion of a particular sort of circuit followed by the chance to try it out and see how it actually behaves.

Accordingly, students understand the circuit’s operation in a way that is deeper and much more satisfying than the manipulation of formulas. Second, it describes circuits that more traditional engineering introductions would postpone: on the third day, we build a radio receiver; on the fifth day, we build an operational amplifier from an array of transistors.

The digital half of the course centers on applying microcontrollers, but gives exposure to Verilog, a powerful Hardware Description Language. Third, it proceeds at a rapid pace but requires no prior knowledge of electronics. Students gain intuitive understanding through immersion in good circuit design.

  • The course is intensive, teaching electronics in day-at-a-time practical doses so that students can learn in a hands-on way
  • The integration of discussion of design with a chance to try the circuits means students learn quickly
  • The course has been tried and tested, and proven successful through twenty-five years of teaching
  • The book is practical: it avoids mathematics and mathematical arguments and even includes a complete list of parts needed in the laboratory exercises, including where and how to buy them
  • 1200 pages with 1530 B&W illustrations and 20 tables

The way we present the course to our students, at Harvard: p123.

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Amazon.com – Learning the Art of Electronics – Companion to The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition
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