Table of Contents

1. DC circuits
2. RC circuits
3. Diode circuits
4. Transistors I
5. Transistors II
6. Operational amplifiers I
7. Operational amplifiers II: nice positive feedback
8. Operational amplifiers III
9. Operational amplifiers IV: nasty positive feedback
10. Operational amplifiers V: PID motor control loop
11. Voltage regulators
12. MOSFET switches
13. Group audio project
14. Logic gates
15. Logic compilers, sequential circuits, flip-flops
16. Counters
17. Memory: state machines
18. Analog to digital: phase-locked loop
19. Microcontrollers and microprocessors I: processor/controller
20. I/O, first assembly language
21. Bit operations
22. Interrupt: ADC and DAC
23. Moving pointers, serial buses
24. Dallas Standalone Micro, SiLabs SPI RAM
25. Toys in the attic

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