Parts Lists

  1. Digital parts list, from LAoE:parts_list_digital_for_web_no_newark_may17.xlsx
  2. Analog parts list, from LAoE: ;
  3. Suppliers’ ready-made parts lists:
      • DIGIKEY (Analog, Digital, or combined)
      • Digikey offers two ways to order: 1) individual kits: if you order from the website and order one kit, you will pay the single-unit prices (higher) but will not pay a 15% kitting fee. . Each part will be in a labelled bag. 2) grouped kits: if you are ordering larger quantities (say, 10 or 15 kits, typical for a college), you can get somewhat better part prices (usually the quantity-10 price), but will pay  a 15% kitting fee.  Further, like parts will be packed together, so you’ll need to separate them out in order to make a kit for each student.
      • MOUSER (Analog, Digital, or combined) The links below permit online ordering.  If you run into difficulties, you can phone Audrey Nelson at 800-298-5076, referring the the quote by its number.  (Online should be easier.)
      • –Analog: Mouser analog
      • –Digital: Mouser digital
      • –Combined (quote number Q84DC39): Mouser combined
      • PROTO_ADVANTAGE (these are just the few surface mount parts that Proto will procure from Digikey and then solder to a carrier that can be plugged into a breadboard, as if they were DIP IC’s).   Note re Digital parts:  the unprogrammed PLD will not be useful to you unless you have a programmer pod.  If you intend, instead, to use PLD’s loaded with our code (these are available from Proto [September, 2016]), omit the blank PLD from your Proto order.  And if you intend to do the Big Board version of the micro labs, omit the SiLabs controller that is listed by Proto.  The 16-bit counter comes in two different pinouts.  ‘Standard’ is the pinout shown in the book; ‘single strip’ puts all the counter outputs (flop Q’s) on one side, making this easier to breadboard on a single strip.  Some would prefer that pinout even when using the ‘big board.’ The two counters are identical except for pinout.
      • –Combined: Proto combined
      • Two pinouts for 16-bit counter (both available from ProtoAdvantage): address_counter_two_pinouts_feb17
      • meter movement for lab1: All Electronics:


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