General Errata

Errata other than A0E cross reference corrections

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PageLocationDescriptionFound ByDate
0.1 title pagecenter of pagemissing dedication. Should be "For Debbie, Tessa, Turner and Jamie
and in memory of
my beloved friend, Jonathan"
we found it ourselves!20160321
0.2 Contents pg., xiii18S.3"atrifacts" should be "artifacts"Paul Tjossem20170304
0.3 Preface pg., xix "Int the summer version..." should be "In the summer version..."S. Everett20160318
0.4 Overview pg., xxii"remainder of analog part" should be "remainder of the analog part"S. Everett20160318
0004footnote 1"will wonderful" should be "will find wonderful"Jonathan Rodgers20160330
0007footnote 6should cite 2013 edition of
Purcell and Morin rather than 1985
S. Everett20160318
0008power in R paragraphchange "that it s likely" to "that it is likely"Bruno Flior20160327
0011last para"fairly omplex" should be "fairly complex"
0016middle"two 1k resistors" should be "two 10k resistors"Don Sylwester20160502
0021sentence below fig. 1N.32after "...graphical distinction." Add footnote, "Our symbols, here, do not follow the usual convention, but are consistent with use in The Art of Electronics," a consistency that seems necessary."Frank Roman20181013
0024readings in AoE"1.32" should be "1.3.2"Scott Abbey20161026
0029sec. 1L.4, para. 2"...lamp above." should be "...lamp below (\S 1L5)"Todd DeLong20170605
0030footnoterefers to site of AoE. Instead, refer to site, for now, we will reveal that one 'mystery' is a #47 lamp, the other a 33ohm power resistorStefan20170326
00331st and 2d bulletsremove 2 extraneous close-parenthesesAdrian20190102
0035heading 1S.1.1"10 resistors" should be "10k resistors"Don Sylwester20160606
0040captions, fig. 1S.8two typos. "curent" should be "current;" Corrected figureDon Sylwester20160505
0044footnote 1"power line" should be "power lines"Don Sylwester20160606
00441W.2Cut first two sentences. Begin with "Please specify..."Stephen George20170524
00441st paragraphcut "(of power)" before "in each case,"Serguey20181024
0047Thevenin model for middle circuit in fig. 1W.6. Next to last sentence on page.after "...make up the divider." add "For R_Thev , too, we need greater precision: 0.91k || 11k = 0.84k---not acceptably close to the usual ``1k" approximation."Stephen George20170605
0049fig.1W.12resistors should be 10k, not 100kDon Sylwester20160420
0059next-to-last paragraph"see sec.2N.3.1" should be "see below, in this section"Ulrich Drepper20160511
0059third para"is point" should be "is a point"Ulrich Drepper20160511
0059paragraph 4left parens missingClayton Edge20170313
0063sentence before Fig. 2N.21terminate sentence with periodDon Sylwester20160606
0063mid page"a note concernining" should be "a note concerning"Don Sylwester20160606
0063bold entry "Frequency domain:"terminate sentence with periodDon Sylwester20160606
0064second bulletFig. reference: "2N.23" should be "2N.27Don Sylwester20160505
0064third bulletdelete "factors"we found it ourselves!20160905
0066fig. 2N.24left side plot: "-20dB/octave" should be "-20dB/decade"Don Sylwester20160422
0068equation in second paragraphdenominator parens un-matched: remove all parens from denominatorDon Sylwester20160420
0070bullet point 4degree symbol should be raised, in first bullet; "between Vout and Vout" should be "between Vin and Vout"Clayton Edge20170313
0071first bulletafter "amplitude of the output" insert "relative to input"Don Sylwester20160422
0074para 3, top of pageinsert close parens before "You will meet...."we found it ourselves!20160905
0076, 772N.5 on p. 76, three bullets on p.77remove extra parens: should be "(1/omegaRC)"Don Sylwester,
Ulrich Drepper
0077two bulletscut second open parens, in denominator of "-j(/(omegaRC)"Don Sylwester20160422
0083sentence after Fig. 2L.10footnote should attach to "Zout" rather than to "of"Don Sylwester20160606
0085next to last paragraphcolon before footnote should be period.Don Sylwester20160606
0087footnote 8"0.5pF" should be "2pF"Joao Carvalho20160326
0087line 3 in subsection 2S.1.4 "on the 100uF cap" should be "on the 4.7uF cap"Eldar Khayrullin20170830
087last sentence of 2S.1.4cut last sentence "Ceramics..characteristics."Serguey20181103
0093 Fig. 2S.17 repeats high-frequency case of Fig. 2S.16. Should show low-frequency case: corrected figureS. Everett20160318
0101caption of fig. 2W.3, and text above"fdB" should be "f3dB"Don Sylwester20160423
0102figs. 2W.4 and 2W.5"0.01 F" should be "0.01uF"Eldar Khayrullin20171011
0105fig. 2W.9cap values, shown as "F" should be "uF"Steve Holton20170201
0109fig. 3N.1"0.01" should be "0.01uF"Eldar Khayrullin20171011
0109end of paragraph"what he have designed" should be "...we have designed"Brian Yates20181024
01123N.3, first bullet point"falls with frequency" is ambiguous. Should be "falls as frequency rises"anonymous20200410
0114next to last para"delta fdB" should be "delta f"Don Sylwester20160505
01143N.4.1denominator defining Q should be "delta f" rather than "delta fdB"Don Sylwester20170214
119a few lines from bottom"rectifier can used" should be "...can be used"Fabien Buffet20191204
122text below fig. 3N.26ref. to Fig. 3N.26 should say "Fig. 3N.27"
Homayoun Jamshidi20191218
0131paragraph 3"amlitude" should be "amplitude"Clayton Edge20170313
0136foonote 5, last sentence"many produce" should be "may produce"Akos Nemeth20170205
0141first bullet of problem"20Vpp" should be "20V"Ron Bonne20170109
0142sec. 3W.1.4"I = C dv/dt" should be "I = C dV/dt"Don Sylwester20160425
0143sec. 3W.1.5fuse rating calculates to 560mA, not 1.1A. "A 600mA slow-blow would do"Don Sylwester20160425
0143sec. 3W.1.7cut extra close "]" from "tiny ripple" equationDon Sylwester20160425
0144"Solutions," third line"emphswitching" should be "switching"Don Sylwester20160425
0145footnote"("x1")" should be "("1x")"Don Sylwester20160425
0145text on 145, describing fig. 3W.6"if you AC couple the signals" should be "if you AC couple only the channel watching point `B'"Cem20161024
0145footnoteappend "But in the present case, where one is likely to watch both channels AC coupled, the phase shift is harmless: it would affect both channels equally. Fig. 3W.6, in contrast, shows Ch.1 DC coupled, Ch.2 AC coupled." Cem20161024
0156-168cross references to AoEneed to increment:
"2.2.2" should be "2.2.3." Same increment for 2.2.3, 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.8, and 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 in AoE Reading, p. 168
Don Sylwester20160505
0157footnote 8"the lost their nerve" should be "they lost...."Akos Nemeth20170205
0159footnote 11ref to Fig.4N.11 should be to Fig. 4N.12Robin Branders20160406
0162fig. 4N.19 duplicates 4N.20fig. should be: follower_rectifier_driven_33k_sept16Tom Paul20160913
1642d line after 4N.4.4insert close parensTitouan Soulard20191201
0166near top, xref to AoEbetter ref is "AoE 2.4.1A" rather than "...2.4.1B"Don Sylwester20160505
0174second para"consistent [with] that value" Insert "with"Serguey20181126
0175text above fig. 4L.10"470ohm base resistor" should be "1k base resistor"Akos Nemeth20170205
0180last paragraphcut last paragraph, and in equation just above that, "135k" should be "150k":
John Adler20170502
0181fig. 4W.6remove first open-parens of balloon 5Don Sylwester20160428
0182text to left of fig.4W.11"R_A" should be "R_C"Serguey20181206
0182text to left of fig. 4W.11"place V_y" should be "place V_e"Serguey20181206
0192footnote 3change "exponential term is tiny or zero" to "exponential term is negative"Brad Hubbard-Nelson and Drew Folta20160417
0193last line of paragraph below fig. 5N.6"simply divide 25mV" should be "simply divide 25ohms"Luis Sarmiento20180610
194sentence before 5N.4"for some" is repeatedTitouan Soulard20191201
0196equation near bottom of pageinsert open parens after "Is"Don Sylwester20160428
0198First sentence below fig. 5N.18amend gain values as follows: "The gain at the quiescent point appears to be about -235..." "...we would predict gain of -272"
"-Rc/r_e = -6.8k/25 = -272."
Jinsoo Kim20171010
0200sentence after fig. 5N.21"Fig.5N.22 works" should be "Fig.5N.21 works"Serguey20181208
0221eqn 5S.2, last line"It-I1^2" all over "It" should be
"I1-(I1^2/It)"; also insert "-" in previous line: "-Rc"
Don Sylwester20160428
0222start of "Applying...":"illustrated min Fig. mirror" should be "illustrated in Fig.5S.4"Don Sylwester20160516
0225fig. 5S.8leftmost plot should show "Va = 6.8kV," not "...6.8V"Michael Burmeister20160909
0226ninth line from bottom"verss" should be "versus"Akos Nemeth20170205
0231last bulletcut last close parens, after "Beta"Don Sylwester20160428
0231first bulletremove period after "Ebers-Moll view"Don Sylwester20160516
0232third bullet, "Differential Gain"should show "Gdiff = Rc/(2 {re + Re})", rather than showing this only within footnote 15Serguey20181220
0239first eqn, "Gdiff ="cut extra open parensDon Sylwester20160428
0239equation for Gdiffclose parens missingTom Paul20161016
02395W.2, fourth querythe answer, that CMRR is not improved, assumes emitter resistors removed, rather than included as in fig. 5W.2David Harris20180407
0239last paragraphcut "Current source on ``tail":"Serguey20181221
0241second para of "solution""Having seen" should be "Soon you will see"Serguey20181223
0241Problem"two part" should be
"two parts"
0252footnote 6insert "impedance" after "output" in "output should be high"Akos Nemeth20170426
0253Fig. 6N.9insert R values Corrected fig. 6N.9we found it ourselves!
0253Page 253, Section 6N.6.2, second paragraph"GR#2" should be "GR#1"Serguey20190101
0253next to last paraafter "open-loop gain" insert "(conventionally denoted `A')"Serguey20190101
0253last para"A OPEN-LOOP" should be "G OL" for consistency of notationSerguey20190101
0258footnote 15"GR#1" should be "GR#2"Serguey20190102
0263fig. 6L.2lower power rail should be labelled "V-"Antoneta 20181103
0271para. following fig. 6L.19text should be amended: replace "This time, the 10K variable resistor is too small..." with "The 10k resistor will cause the current source to fail when you dial R up to about 2k. You can see why, if you use a second meter to watch Vce."Michael Burmeister20160909
02716L.10 1st paragraph, and fig. 6L.18replace "100k" with "10k" and "10k" with "1k". Same in fig. 6L.19: 1k rather than 10k variable RMichael Burmeister20160923
0274Figure 6W.3 "Notes""gain of 2 x 1/2V1" should be "gain of 2 x (1/2)V1"Don Sylwester20170403
0274sec. 6W.1.2after "...gain 2" insert "for a signal applied at point Y"Serguey20190103
0275Figure 6W.5"toVy" should be "to Vy"Don Sylwester20170403
0278fig. 6W.8middle op amp should have input terminals swappedLuis Sarmiento20180626
0286Third paragraph"shows 23 'representative' op-amps" should be "shows 34 'representative' op-amps"Don Sylwester20170403
0287Footnote 9URL should be ""Don Sylwester20170403
0291Figure 7.n.16"GMW" should be "GBW"Don Sylwester20170403
0294table of representative op ampsAoE sec. 4.4.1 table shows slightly different Vos for bipolar: 3mV and 0.025mV, max, typicalMike Blodgett20170404
0297Figure 7N.27"output exponential)" should be "output (exponential)"Don Sylwester20170403
0300First ParagraphSentence beginning "Again the op-amp..." ends in a colonDon Sylwester20170403
0300footnote"10N" should be "9N"Luis Sarmiento20180910
0301fig. 7N.36two pairs of resistors should be labelled "R1, R2" in both paths.we found it ourselves!
0301sec. 7N.5.1"ampiifier" should be "amplifier"Akos Nemeth20170427
0301fig. 7N.36both feedback paths should use resistors labelled "R1, R2"

Akos Nemeth20170427
0302fig. 7N.37, left sidecut "R1" to left of resistorDon Sylwester20160511
0302Figure 7N.37Unnecessary "R1" to the right of resistor and missing space in "signal gain: 1+"Don Sylwester20170403
0312comment on fig. 7W.2cut "of the same sign," saying instead, "Worst case, the two Vos values may add."Sasha Brownsberger20180220
0313last line"LM11" should be "LF411"Michael Burmeister20160923
0315text below fig. 7W.5reference to "Fig. 4N.3.1" should be to Fig. 7W.5Felix von Delius20170201
0315text below fig. 7W.5"fig. 4N.3.1" should be "fig. 7W.5"Serguey20190121
0316Last paragraph"(see Fig. 7W.11:" should be "(see Fig. 7W.11):"Don Sylwester20170403
0317third line, second bullet"LMP2015" should be "LMP2014MT", and after
"...chopper)" add "for this one we'd have to drop V+ from 15V to 5V"
Michael Burmeister20160923
0318first paragraph"fig. 4N.3.1" should be "fig. 7W.5"Serguey20190121
0320last paragraph, first sentence"collect" should be "collector"Michael Burmeister20160923
0326fig. 8N.13R value shown in figure should be 390 ohms rather than 750 ohmsMichael Burmeister20160923
0328Footnote 9URL should be ""Mike Blodgett20170404
0328Footnote 8URL should be ""Don Sylwester20170404
0329fig. 8N.17, right sideinterchange "+" and "-" inputs of upper comparatorMichael Burmeister20160923
0336Footnote 1Footnote should be below Figure 8L.1 and contained entirely on page 336Don Sylwester20170403
0338Footnote 48N.2.4 should be 8N2.5Don Sylwester20170403
0346fig. 8W.2output swing should be 0 to 5V, thresholds should be 0 and 0.1VRod Fletcher20181107
0351footnote 3spelling should be "Sziklai"Marcin Morawski20180220
0361First bullet"phase lab" should be "phase lag"Don Sylwester20170514
0368fig. 9N.24base should be shown tied to +5VLuis Sarmiento20180823
0375fig. 9L.2figure should show +5V driving base lead
we found it ourselves!20161106
0376Fig. 9L.3replace Vishay equiv ckt and plot with same from ADI. Footnote cite should be: The curves are typical, presented in an ``Analog Dialogue" note by Analog Devices: Mari20181127
0387first line"boosts" is repeatedMarcin Morawski20180220
0401"Solution" "G= 100/(1 + 11)" should be "G = 100/(1 + 1)"we found it ourselves!20170220
04019W.1.1 "Solution""At A=100, we get G=100/(1+11)=50" should be "At A=100, we get G=100/(1+1)=50"Don Sylwester20170514
0402last line before 9W.2"1faith" should be "faith"Don Sylwester20160511
04029W.1.2 last line"1faith" should be "faith"Don Sylwester20170514
0403fig. 9W.2, cop amp inputs should be interchangedLuis Sarmiento20180813
0404text above fig. 9W.6"3O0kHz" should be "3kHz"David Harris20190820
0404,0405figs. 9W.6, 9W.7op amp inputs should be interchanged in both figuresRichard Stenhouse20171218
0408first para"function" should be "functions"Michael Burmeister20161106
0410para above fig. 10N.3"show sa" should be "shows a"Michael Burmeister20161106
0411fig. 10N.6now repeats fig. 10N.5. Instead, should be:lb11_block_familiar_rMichael Burmeister20161006
0411Figure 10N.5"amplifed error" should be "amplified error"Don Sylwester20170514
0413fig. 10N.8top horizontal line, labelled "Ac" should be "Ac'" also upper "Ac * As" should include prime markMichael Burmeister20161106
0419Figure 10N.20`"The 'stablizer,'" should be "The 'stabilizer,'"Don Sylwester20170514
0425paragraph below fig. 10L.5"interchange leads of one of the pots" should be "interchange leads of the output pot"Luis Sarmiento20180913
0430footnote 7"" should be "" Serguey20190305
0434Footnote 1URL should end with ".html" not ".htm"Don Sylwester20170514
0441line 3"R2" ought to be "R1"Jinsoo Kim20171010
0444footnote 10"one pair" is repeatedMarcin Morawski20180220
0448footnote 13URL should be ""Don Sylwester20170514
0449footnote 15URL should be ""Don Sylwester20170514
0463third line from top"V|mathrmout" should be "V_out"Marcin Morawski20180220
0464second line"the its" should be "its"Marcin Morawski20180220
0481text near footnote 13"hysteric" should be
0507Figure 13N.3Labels "(a)" and "(b)" are each doubledDon Sylwester20170605
051314N.1 First Bulletremove quote from analog"Don Sylwester20170605
0514First bulletAdd comma after "as you know"Don Sylwester20170605
0516Footnote 7URL should be Sylwester20170605
051814N.2.1Xref 10.1.3C listed twiceDon Sylwester20170605
0523Footnote 1410.1.2A missing "section" symbolDon Sylwester20170605
0525First Paragraph"The RAM write signal is "WE*;" " should be "The RAM write signal is "WR*;" "Don Sylwester20170605
0529middle"TTTL thresholds" should be "TTL thresholds"we found it ourselves!20160505
0529Below Fig 14N.22"CMOS with TTTL thresholds" should be "CMOS with TTL thresholds"Don Sylwester20170605
0531, 0532, 0533Footnotes 24, 25, 28URL should be Sylwester20170605
053514N.8Remove parentheses from "Basic Logic Concepts)" and remove ellipses before second bulletDon Sylwester20170605
0536fifth bulletremove " 11.2"Don Sylwester20170605
0546second bullet"means:" should be "means--"Marcin Morawski20180220
0550fig. 14W.1figure partially covers captionMarcin Morawski20180220
0568Figure 15N.1Second connection on the left should be labeled "WR_bar"Don Sylwester20170607
05705th para from bottom"if we are to able" should be "if we are to be able"Marcin Morawski20180220
057415N.3.1Quote from Romeo and Juliet should read "An (and) you be mine, I'll give you to my friend; An (and) you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets"Don Sylwester20170607
0574fig. 15N.6select line should be labelled "X*/Y"Ryan McGillicuddy20171205
0574fig. 15N.6"X/Y*" should be "X*/Y"Daniel Lim20190429
057515N.6.1 Heading"From" should be lowercaseDon Sylwester20170607
057515N6.1Remove parentheses from "block diagram in Fig. 15N.9)"Don Sylwester20170607
05752d para from bottomcut superfluous close-parens: "...15N.9)"Marcin Morawski20180220
0577fig. 15N.13add bars over signals S and R, to match labels in timing diagramLuis Sarmiento20180926
0577fig. 15N.12add bars over signals S and RLuis Sarmiento20181025
0580First bulletRemove parentheses from "Lab 16L)" and remove indent before "The character displays we use..."Don Sylwester20170607
0589Footnote 4"we should measure time the voltage" should be "we should use the voltage"Don Sylwester20170607
0601fig. 15S.6inversion bubbles should be removed from outputs of two latch gates Ryan McGillicuddy20171026
0601fig. 15S.7verilog code should be:
Ryan McGillicuddy20171205
603bottom of pagecut extraneous "n" from "STMicrosystems"Titouan Soulard20191201
0607fig. 16N.9D0 should be driven by Q0*Christian Fink20170201
0615text above fig. 16N.26"Appendixschematic" should be "Appendix F"David Boardman20190509
0620line 4cut "and
Appendix l4N.20 for the schematic, in case you want to build your own."
Luis Sarmiento20180819
0639fig. 16W11LD* should be R* in timing diagram Luis Sarmiento20181025
0641fig. 16W.14LD* should be R* or R-bar, in timing diagram and circuit drawingLuis Sarmiento20180926
0644fig. 16W.18reference to "class D3" should be "16W.1"Serguey20190901
0652Last bulletIn "If yes, easily" the "yes" should be capitalizedDon Sylwester20170607
0658last sentence” in Chapter 15S." should be " Appendix A.11."Serguey20190901
0670last sentence"2.52mm" should be
Don Sylwester20160502
0670Last line"2.52mm" should be "2.5mm"Don Sylwester20170607
0685code listingrepeats ass'y lang listing. Should be C code:
/* sequence_detect_412.c revisited 4/12 */
// shifts in a bit from port pin

#include // used to define "P1"
#include // maybe needed for Boolean?
// P1.1 takes in sequence of bits: "LEVEL"
// INT0 serves as clock
// P1.2 is TRY input
// P1.0 is UNLOCK output

sbit volatile LEVEL = P1^1; // an input: user's choice for code level, bit-by-bit
sbit volatile TRY = P1^2; // when asserted, tries to unlock; if it fails, resets the machine
sbit volatile UNLOCK = P1^0;
bit INTFLAG = 0; // clear it for first pass
char n; // an index to the stored bits
bdata char SEQUENCE = 0; // this is the value shifted in. ``bdata" says `put it in bit-addressable location' (not essential)
sbit INBIT = SEQUENCE^7; // input comes at MSB position

#define KEY 0x3

void intsetup (void); // say that some functions are coming
void misc_inits (void);
void it_ext0 (void);

void main (void)
misc_inits(); // go set things up

while (1)
while (INTFLAG) // hang here till pushbutton pressed (clock)
UNLOCK = 0; // if unlocked, terminate unlock on this next clock
if (TRY) // test input, and if correct
// keep unlock output signal ON so long as TRY key pressed




// land here if TRY not pressed
INBIT = LEVEL; // take input at bit 0
SEQUENCE = (SEQUENCE << 1) | (SEQUENCE >> (8-1)); // rotate left, takes in MSB at LSB

// External interrupt 0
void it_ext0 (void) interrupt 0 using 0 // using register bank 0; no 'context switch'
INTFLAG = 1; // set software flag for main program

void intsetup (void)
EX0 = 1;
IT0 = 1; //Edge sensitive interrupt
EA = 1;

void misc_inits (void)
TRY = 0;
LEVEL = 0;

Ryan McGillicuddy20171205
0692First bullet"specified at 4.5V supply." should be "specified at 4.5V supply)."Don Sylwester20170607
0705Footnote 18URL should be Blodgett20170607
0708fig. 18N.26, delta-sigma modulatorinputs should be swapped on two input op ampsLuis Monsalve20181013
0709Footnote 23URL should be ""Don Sylwester20170712
0710Footnote 32URL should be Sylwester20170607
07103d para from bottom"AoEsee also" should be "AoE; see also'Marcin Morawski20180221
0712Figure 18N.31In left figure "low-passses" should be "low-passes"Don Sylwester20170607
0714Footnote 38Should be "See Pohlmann, op cit., p. 94."Don Sylwester20170607
0733Second paragraph"So we reduc" should be "So we reduce"Don Sylwester20170607
073518S.3 Header"atrifacts" should be "artifacts"Don Sylwester20170607
07362d para from bottominsert period after "shows more reasonable sampling"Marcin Morawski20180221
0745Second "Solution""2bytes/channel" should be "2 bytes/channel"Don Sylwester20170607
0747Footnote 3"album,Kind of Blue" should be "album, Kind of Blue"Don Sylwester20170607
0753fig. 19L.3;
parts list
7.5k resistor should be 3.3k; either 74HCT or 74HC parts may be used we found it ourselves!20160506
0753Figure 19L.3Remove floating ground symbol in lower rightDon Sylwester20170712
0759Figure 20N.3Remove parentheses from "1990)."Don Sylwester20170712
0761First bulletSecond sentence in bullet should end with a close parentheses "solid-state storage)."Don Sylwester20170712
0766Footnote 17Should read "(by NXP, not Motorola)."Don Sylwester20170712
0767Second bulletRemove parentheses from "8086 processor itself)."Don Sylwester20170712
0773Footnote 28"Maxim/Dallas Ultra-High-Speed Flash Microcontroller User's Guide, pp. 78-79" should be "Maxim/Dallas High-Speed Microcontroller User's Guide, pp. 64-65"Don Sylwester20170712
07752d para"pulse-with-modulator" should be "pulse-width-modulator"Marcin Morawski20180221
0779Fourth bullet"Ultra-High-Speed Microcontroller" should be "Ultra-High-Speed Flash Microcontroller"Don Sylwester20170712
0779First bulletThere should be a space between the comma and "2"Don Sylwester20170712
0780First and second sentencesFirst sentence: "tahn" should be "than"
Second sentence: Remove close parentheses "design requires)."
Don Sylwester20170712
0782Near top of page"ALE_LATCH AND DELAY" should be "ALE_LATCH and DELAY"Don Sylwester20170712
0790fig. 20L.15RD* and WR* should be labelled "from 8051" rather than shown tied high: corrected figurewe found it ourselves!20160414
079320L.3.2 second paragraphParagraph should end with a periodDon Sylwester20170712
0800first line"follow the procedure described in 20N.7...." should be " 20S.2...."Marcin Morawski20180221
0817Final line of pageShould read "A0[base16] for 160[base10], 90[base16] for 144[base10]."Don Sylwester20171012
0818Third paragraph"translates 'P1' to address A0 (hex)" should be "translates 'P1' to address 90 (hex)"Don Sylwester20171012
0819Third paragraph"has had ime" should be "has had time" and "(OEh" needs a close parenthDon Sylwester20171012
0819Fifth paragraph" '00,' " comma should be outisde quotesDon Sylwester20171012
0823Middle of pageRemove open parenth from "(To make sure you understand..."Don Sylwester20171012
082721N.5.1 Delay code "DJNZ A" should be "DJNZ ACC"Daniel Lim20190429
0828Footnote 13" 'design environment' " should be " 'integrated design environment' "Don Sylwester20171012
0834Third to last paragraphI/O should be capitalized in "can do its own 'i/o decoding' "Don Sylwester20171012
0834Last paragraph" '10,' " comma should be outside the quotesDon Sylwester20171012
0835Assembler excerpt Remove incorrect dateDon Sylwester20171012
084221L.1.7 First line"little segement" should be "little segment"Don Sylwester20171012
0848Second paragraph"appears at pp15-16 of the Philips/NXP" should have "pp13-16"Don Sylwester20171012
08481st para after 1st code line"in Supplement 20S" should read "on book's website, under `Reference Materials"Serguey8/5/19
0852keysum_8bit.a51 (SiLabs): equate near head of program"DISPLAY EQU P1" should be "...EQU P0," to match text and figures on p. 850Ben Augenbraun20170412
0854Second and third bulletsPunctuation should fall outside the quotes in " '1;' " and " '16.' "Don Sylwester20171012
0855keysum_16bit.a51 (SiLabs)two lines should be added to the equates:
Ben Augenbraun20170412
0860Figure 21S.4Remove open parenths from "(loaded" and "(from" in balloonsDon Sylwester20171012
0861Footnote 3"0F(h" should be "0F9h"Don Sylwester20171012
0861Footnote 3"0F(h" should be "0F9h"Don Sylwester20171012
872code listing at top"mov pomdin" should be "mov P0MDIN"; "mov poskip" should be "mov P0SKIP"Serguey8/9/19
0874Third bullet"D0_SOMETHING" should have an 'O' not a zeroDon Sylwester20171012
0875ass'y-language bit test programline 85 of program:
"63B001" should be "639001"; "XRL P3..." should be "XRL P1...";
line 88: "82B0" should be "8290"; "CPL P3..." should be "CPL P1..."
we found it ourselves!20171114
0876Second to last paragraph" '&&,' " comma should be outside quotesDon Sylwester20171012
0888d7 Second sentence"says explicitly." should be "says explicitly)."Don Sylwester20171012
0889first line"d1: T2XCLK" should be
"d0: T2XCLK"
Marcin Morawski20180221
0894Footnote 6"ECL" should be "ECI" and "p. 149" should be "p.249"Don Sylwester20171012
0894footnote 6"ECL" should be "ECI"Serguey20190816
0895fig. 22L.13"80" should be entered in box under "PCA0CPH0 (high byte)" rather than "PCA0CPL0...."we found it ourselves!20190816
0902Figure 22W.5"mucn" should be "much"Don Sylwester20171012
0903Figure 22W.9"iin case" should be "in case"Don Sylwester20171012
0911last sentence before sec. 23N.3"lab sec 22L2" should be "lab sec 23L.2"Serguey20190821
0917third para from end"Finally, we set up...range" should appear as last sentence of preceding section. Also add "See fig. 23N.8."Serguey20190828
0924Third paragraph" 'barely attenuate" needs a closing quoteDon Sylwester20171012
0933table of register valuesto fit code, 4th "function" line should say,"101b==>assign INT0 to P0.5"Ben Augenbraun20170419
09401st para"see the IDA0L" should be "see the IDA1L"Serguey20190912
0945fig.23L.16label in figure should show "INT0" not "INT1"
Also, input wvfm missing
0948Figure 23S.3remove space between "included" and closing quoteDon Sylwester20171012
0948middle of page"Display includes" should be "`Symbol table' as well as 'Display includes"Serguey20190920
0955sec. 23S.2.2" two PDF!" should be "under RIDE's Help tab"Serguey20190920
0957Figure 23S.15Remove close parenth from " 'NEW')"Don Sylwester20171012
0957last sentence in section 23S.3.2"just now" should be "just below"Serguey20190920
0957sec. 23S.2.2"pressing F7" should be
"pressing F11"
0964-096524N.3 Header and p965 header"eperations" should be "operations"Don Sylwester20171012
0966footnote 2should read: "See, e.g.,, re serdes generally.Serguey20190925
0968Second paragraphsuperscript 9 should be attached to the end of "scope"Don Sylwester20171012
0969footnote 10.after.."in our lab" add
in our lab (see"
0973Footnote 12URL should be Sylwester20171012
0974footnote 12Serdes link should be
0980fig. 24L.3figure should show SPI signal sources are P0.0..P0.3: SCK, MISO, MOSI, CS
Ben Augenbraun20200225
0995footnote 3cut footnote 3, which contradicts the correct text on this pageSerguey20191003
0996Fourth bulletRemove close parenth from "execution address)."Don Sylwester20171012
0998MTKadd link, in a footnote:
" There, download MTK2_Install-2.4.12. Also available on book site under "Reference aterials"
1012next to last paragraph"simple as this:" should be "simple as shown in fig. 25L.1."Serguey20190919
1028caption of fig. 26N.8caption should be "Etch-a-sketch driven by stepper motors"Paolo Nenzi20160410
1037mid-page"Ferrell Helbling" should be "Farrell Helbling"Jennifer Shum20191023
1043mid-page"LED maze" should be "Scope maze"Serguey20191023
1046Footnote 25URL should be (part is TAOS TCS3200-DB)Don Sylwester20171012
1047Footnote 27URL should be Sylwester20171012
1048Second bullet, second to last linePart number for "A 14 Segment bar graph" is SC002221 not KWL-R1025BBDon Sylwester20171012
1049Last line of 26N.6.8"Wixel" part number is WRL-10665 not WRL-10532Don Sylwester20171012
1050last sentence"the tractor described below" should be "a tractor like that in sec. 26N.4.10"Serguey20191024
1053A.1, second sentence"simply copy the forms that you see--and in early cases we will provide you with nearly-complete files," should be "imitate the header material shown in the files like the one just below,"Serguey20191030
1055A.3 First paragraph"perjorative sound" should be "pejorative sound"Don Sylwester20171012
1063fig. A.14now duplicates A.12. Should be this: flop sync clear simulationRyan McGillicuddy20171106
1078Footnote 15URL should be Sylwester20171012
1080Fig. B.1, two text blocks"produts" and "fliip-flop" misspelledAaron H.20160518
1080Figure B.1"produts" should be "products" and "fliip-flop" should be "flip-flop"Don Sylwester20171012
1080caption of fig. B.1"logic call" should be "logic cell"Serguey20191103
1085First line"AND OR" should be "AND-OR"Don Sylwester20171012
1088Second to last paragraphLast sentence needs a periodDon Sylwester20171012
1103caption of fig. D.8"10kHz" should be "10Hz"Derek Willingham20190218
1103text within fig. D8"10kHz is fishy" should be "10Hz is fishy"Serguey20191115
1115Third to last paragraphURL for Murphy's Surplus Warehouse should be Sylwester20171012
1122parts appendixhookup wire must be solid, not stranded: part number should be "3051/1 BK005"Luis Gomes20160904
0154second paragraphref to "4W.1" should be to "4N.1"Alexander Levrantev20200627
0182mid page"Out_x" should be "Out_c" Alexander Levrantev20200628
0117fourier seriescut second close-parens after both "sin(w t)" and "sin(3w t)"jens haldrup20200812
0118second bullet, near top"dissipated in series resistance,Rdrive, proportional to V^2/R_L" should be "power dissipated in both Rdrive and the inductor's R_L, proportional to V^2"jens haldrup20200812
0170Fig. 4L.3signal source should show connection to groundD Abrams reminded me20210929
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