Corrected cross references to AoE

Some of the cross-reference errors are systematic: many need an increment in the last place: for example, “sec. 2.3.3” should be “sec. 2.3.4.”  But not all are as simple as that.

Note: You can sort by page or by date, and you can download a pdf. Errata are corrected in successive printings, with approximate cutoff dates where applicable; so you can scroll down a date-sorted list to find needed corrections.

PageLocationDescriptionFound ByDate
24readings in AoE"1.1-1.32" should be "1.1-1.2,7"Don Sylwester20160606
421W.1xref "1.2.4" should be "1.2.3"Don Sylwester20160606
59next-to-last paragraph"see sec.2N.3.1" should be "see below, in this section"Ulrich Drepper20160511
63xref to AoExref "sec 1.7.8B" should be "1.7.8"Don Sylwester20160511
692N. should be 1.7.1Don Sylwester20170309
69xref to AoExref "sec 1.7.8B" should be "1.7.9"Don Sylwester20160511
70xref to AoExref "1.7.11" should be "1.7.12"Ulrich Drepper20160511
72xref to AoExref "sec 1.7.13" should be "1.7.14"Don Sylwester20160511
77readings in AoE"1.5-1.6.7" should be "1.5-1.6.8;" "about diodes" should be "about inductors, transformers and diodes"Don Sylwester20160511
109xref to AoExref "Exercise 1.8" should be "Exercise 1.44"Don Sylwester20160511
120xref to AoExref "1.7.14B" should be "1.6.2"Don Sylwester20160511
130readings in AoE"1.5-1.6.7" should be "1.5-1.6.8;" "about diodes" should be "about inductors, transformers and diodes"Don Sylwester20160511
136xref to AoExref "1.2.6" should be "1.6.6C"Don Sylwester20160511
155-168cross references to AoEneed to increment:
"2.2.2" should be "2.2.3." Same increment for 2.2.3, 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.8, and 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 in AoE Reading, p. 168
Don Sylwester20160505
159footnote 11ref to Fig.4N.11 should be to Fig. 4N.12Robin Branders20160406
166near top, xref to AoEbetter ref is "AoE 2.4.1A" rather than "...2.4.1B"Don Sylwester20160505
1784W.12.2.4A should be 2.2.5ADon Sylwester20170309
1895N.1.1xref "2.1.0A" should be "2.1," "2.2.7" should be "2.2.8"Don Sylwester20160516
1905N.2.1xref "2.1.2B" should be "2.1.3B"
"2.2.6A" should be "2.2.7A"
Don Sylwester20160516
1915N.3.1xref "2.3.3" should be "2.3.4"Don Sylwester20160516
1935N. should be 2.3.4Don Sylwester20170317
1945N.3.4xref "2.3.3" should be "2.3.4," "2.32" should be "2.3.3," "2.3.3A" should be "2.3.4A"
Don Sylwester20160516
1955N.4.1xref "2.3.3A" should be "2.3.4A"Don Sylwester20160516
196sec. 5N.5, xrefs to AoExref"2.3.1A" should be "2.3.1"; "2.3.1C" should be "2.3.2C"Don Sylwester20160428
1975N.5.1xref "2.3.3B" should be "2.3.4B"Don Sylwester20160516
1995N.5.3xref "2.3.4D" should be "2.3.5C"Don Sylwester20160516
2045N.7.2xref "Fig. 2.60" should be "Fig. 2.6.3" Don Sylwester20160516
224footnote 4"from AoE sec. 2.3.5A" should be "from AoE Fig. 2.5.9"Don Sylwester20160516
2265S.2.6xref "2.3.7" should be "2.3.2D"Don Sylwester20160516
2275S.2.7xref "2.3.7" should be "2.3.7B"Don Sylwester20160516
2305S.2.8xref "2.3.4D" should be "2.3.4A"Don Sylwester20160516
2355S.5"see...2.2.4" should be "see...2.2.5;"
"2.4.3" should be "2.3.5A"
Don Sylwester20160516
236"bypassed"2.3.4A should be 2.3.5ADon Sylwester20170317
2415W.32.7.2 should be 2.2.7Don Sylwester20170317
2506N.32.3.3B should be 2.3.4BDon Sylwester20170403
2666L.72.2.7 should be 2.2.8Don Sylwester20170403
267Last paragraph2.2.7A should be 2.2.8ADon Sylwester20170403
2967N.3.2"AoE xref4.66" should be "AoE Fig. 4.66"Don Sylwester20170403
2987N3.3"AoE xref4.18" should be "AoE Fig. 4.18"Don Sylwester20170403
3007N.44.5.6 should be 4.5.7Don Sylwester20170403
3027N.62.3.4A should be 2.3.5ADon Sylwester20170403
3077L.64.5.6 should be 4.5.7Don Sylwester20170403
3298N.3.4Compare AoE Fig. 7.9 with Fig. 7.10 should be "Compare AoE Fig 7.8 with Fig. 7.9"Don Sylwester20170403
3589N. should be 4.5.7Don Sylwester20170514
3709N. should be 2.4.5BDon Sylwester20170514
44711N. should be 9.6.1Don Sylwester20170514
44911N.6.5Fig. 9.51 should be Fig. 9.53Don Sylwester20170514
457footnote 79.13D should be 9.13.1DDon Sylswester20170514
46011L.2.3Fig 9.60 should be Fig 9.62Don Sylwester20170514
46712N. should be 3.5.4EDon Sylwester20170517
468footnote 53.5.4C should be 3.5.4EDon Sylwester20170517
46912N2.13.5.7C should be 3.5.1BDon Sylwester20170517
46912N. should be 3.6.3ADon Sylwester20170517
470First paragraphFig. 3.94 should be Fig. 3.95Don Sylwester20170517
47112N. should be 3.5.7A and should appear on P471Don Sylwester20170517
47412N. should be 3.4.1Don Sylwester20170517
47812N.6.4Fig. 3.84 should be Fig. 3.85Don Sylwester20170517
48512N.8 first line3.14 should be 3.1.4Don Sylwester20170517
48712L. and 9.4.2B should be 3.5B and 9.4.1ADon Sylwester20170605
51614N.1.314.5.5B should be 14.4.5CDon Sylwester20170605
55114W.1.1xref 14.6.2C should be removedDon Sylwester20170607
57515N. should be 14.4.3Don Sylwester20170607
605Below figure 16N.610.4.2C should be 10.4.2DDon Sylwester20170607
649Last line14.5.3C should be 14.4.3CDon Sylwester20170607
65117N.214.5 should be 14.4Don Sylwester20170607
65417N.2.314.5.3A should be 14.4.3ADon Sylwester20170607
695Footnote 813.5.10C should be 13.5.1BDon Sylwester20170607
69718N3.2"fig. 13.3" should be "Fig. 13.3"Don Sylwester20170607
70318N. should be 13.5.2Don Sylwester20170607
703Footnote 1513.5.5 should be 13.5.2Don Sylwester20170607
7105th paragraph"explained in AoEsee also" should be "explained in AoE 13.9.5. See also"Don Sylwester20170607
71018N.413.5.10E should be 13.9.5Don Sylwester20170607
71618N.713.8.1 should be 13.13.1Don Sylwester20170607
71618N. should be 13.13.2ADon Sylwester20170607
718Footnote 46"13.8.2A, especially Fig. 13.89" should be "13.13.2A, especially Fig. 13.92" Don Sylwester20170607
72018N.7.413.8.3A should be 13.13.4ADon Sylwester20170607
723"DAC and ADC"13.5.10 should be 13.9Don Sylwester20170607
727Last lineFig. 13.31 should be Fig. 13.33Don Sylwester20170607
72918L.213.8.4 should be 13.13.4Don Sylwester20170607
76220N.315.10.4 should be 15.10.3Don Sylwester20170712
76520N. should be 15.10.3Don Sylwester20170712
76620N.514.4.1 should be 14.3.11Don Sylwester20170712
76720N. should be 14.1.6Don Sylwester20170712
90623N. should be 14.3.7Don Sylwester20171012
90823N. should be 14.3.8Don Sylwester20171012
90823N. should be 14.3.9ADon Sylwester20171012
96624N.414.6.3 should be 14.7Don Sylwester20171012
96624N. should be 14.7.8Don Sylwester20171012
96824N. should be 14.7.13Don Sylwester20171012
97324N.4.514.7.6 should be 14.7.16Don Sylwester20171012
1094C.4.1H.5 should be H.1.2Don Sylwester20171012
1095C.4.3H.5 should be H.1.2ADon Sylwester20171012
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