General Errata

Errata other than A0E cross reference corrections

Note: You can sort by page or by date, and you can download a pdf. Errata are corrected in successive printings, with approximate cutoff dates where applicable; so you can scroll down a date-sorted list to find needed corrections.

PageLocationDescriptionFound ByDate
0.1 title pagecenter of pagemissing dedication. Should be "For Debbie, Tessa, Turner and Jamie
and in memory of
my beloved friend, Jonathan"
0.2 Contents pg., xiii18S.3"atrifacts" should be "artifacts"Paul Tjossem20170304
0.3 Preface pg., xix "Int the summer version..." should be "In the summer version..."S. Everett20160318
0.4 Overview pg., xxii"remainder of analog part" should be "remainder of the analog part"S. Everett20160318
0004footnote 1"will wonderful" should be "will find wonderful"Jonathan Rodgers20160330
0007footnote 6should cite 2013 edition of
Purcell and Morin rather than 1985
S. Everett20160318
0008power in R paragraphchange "that it s likely" to "that it is likely"Bruno Flior20160327
0011last para"fairly omplex" should be "fairly complex"
0016middle"two 1k resistors" should be "two 10k resistors"Don Sylwester20160502
0024readings in AoE"1.32" should be "1.3.2"Scott Abbey20161026
0035heading 1S.1.1"10 resistors" should be "10k resistors"Don Sylwester20160606
0040captions, fig. 1S.8two typos. "curent" should be "current;" Corrected figureDon Sylwester20160505
0044footnote 1"power line" should be "power lines"Don Sylwester20160606
0049fig.1W.12resistors should be 10k, not 100kDon Sylwester20160420
0059third para"is point" should be "is a point"Ulrich Drepper20160511
0059next-to-last paragraph"see sec.2N.3.1" should be "see below, in this section"Ulrich Drepper20160511
0059paragraph 4left parens missingClayton Edge20170313
0063bold entry "Frequency domain:"terminate sentence with periodDon Sylwester20160606
0063mid page"a note concernining" should be "a note concerning"Don Sylwester20160606
0063sentence before Fig. 2N.21terminate sentence with periodDon Sylwester20160606
0064second bulletFig. reference: "2N.23" should be "2N.27Don Sylwester20160505
0064third bulletdelete "factors"20160905
0066fig. 2N.24left side plot: "-20dB/octave" should be "-20dB/decade"Don Sylwester20160422
0068equation in second paragraphdenominator parens un-matched: remove all parens from denominatorDon Sylwester20160420
0070first bullet, fourth bulletdegree symbol should be raised, in first bullet;
in fourth bullet, one "Vout" should be "Vin"
Don Sylwester20160422
0071first bulletafter "amplitude of the output" insert "relative to input"Don Sylwester20160422
0074para 3, top of pageinsert close parens before "You will meet...."20160905
0076, 772N.5 on p. 76, three bullets on p.77remove extra parens: should be "(1/omegaRC)"Don Sylwester,
Ulrich Drepper
0077two bulletscut second open parens, in denominator of "-j(/(omegaRC)"Don Sylwester20160422
0083sentence after Fig. 2L.10footnote should attach to "Zout" rather than to "of"Don Sylwester20160606
0085next to last paragraphcolon before footnote should be period.Don Sylwester20160606
0087footnote 8"0.5pF" should be "2pF"Joao Carvalho20160326
0093 Fig. 2S.17 repeats high-frequency case of Fig. 2S.16. Should show low-frequency case: corrected figureS. Everett20160318
0101caption of fig. 2W.3, and text above"fdB" should be "f3dB"Don Sylwester20160423
0105fig. 2W.9cap values, shown as "F" should be "uF"Steve Holton20170201
0114next to last para"delta fdB" should be "delta f"Don Sylwester20160505
01143N.4.1denominator defining Q should be "delta f" rather than "delta fdB"Don Sylwester20170214
0131paragraph 3"amlitude" should be "amplitude"Clayton Edge20170313
0136foonote 5, last sentence"many produce" should be "may produce"Akos Nemeth20170205
0141first bullet of problem"20Vpp" should be "20V"Ron Bonne20170109
0142sec. 3W.1.4"I = C dv/dt" should be "I = C dV/dt"Don Sylwester20160425
0143sec. 3W.1.5fuse rating calculates to 560mA, not 1.1A. "A 600mA slow-blow would do"Don Sylwester20160425
0143sec. 3W.1.7cut extra close "]" from "tiny ripple" equationDon Sylwester20160425
0144"Solutions," third line"emphswitching" should be "switching"Don Sylwester20160425
0145footnote"("x1")" should be "("1x")"Don Sylwester20160425
0145text on 145, describing fig. 3W.6"if you AC couple the signals" should be "if you AC couple only the channel watching point `B'"Cem20161024
0145footnoteappend "But in the present case, where one is likely to watch both channels AC coupled, the phase shift is harmless: it would affect both channels equally. Fig. 3W.6, in contrast, shows Ch.1 DC coupled, Ch.2 AC coupled." Cem20161024
0156-168cross references to AoEneed to increment:
"2.2.2" should be "2.2.3." Same increment for 2.2.3, 2.2.5, 2.2.6, 2.2.8, and 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 in AoE Reading, p. 168
Don Sylwester20160505
0157footnote 8"the lost their nerve" should be "they lost...."Akos Nemeth20170205
0159footnote 11ref to Fig.4N.11 should be to Fig. 4N.12Robin Branders20160406
0162fig. 4N.19 duplicates 4N.20fig. should be: follower_rectifier_driven_33k_sept16Tom Paul20160913
0166near top, xref to AoEbetter ref is "AoE 2.4.1A" rather than "...2.4.1B"Don Sylwester20160505
0175text above fig. 4L.10"470ohm base resistor" should be "1k base resistor"Akos Nemeth20170205
0181fig. 4W.6remove first open-parens of balloon 5Don Sylwester20160428
0192footnote 3change "exponential term is tiny or zero" to "exponential term is negative"Brad Hubbard-Nelson and Drew Folta20160417
0196equation near bottom of pageinsert open parens after "Is"Don Sylwester20160428
0221eqn 5S.2, last line"It-I1^2" all over "It" should be
"I1-(I1^2/It)"; also insert "-" in previous line: "-Rc"
Don Sylwester20160428
0222start of "Applying...":"illustrated min Fig. mirror" should be "illustrated in Fig.5S.4"Don Sylwester20160516
0225fig. 5S.8leftmost plot should show "Va = 6.8kV," not "...6.8V"Michael Burmeister20160909
0226ninth line from bottom"verss" should be "versus"Akos Nemeth20170205
0231last bulletcut last close parens, after "Beta"Don Sylwester20160428
0231first bulletremove period after "Ebers-Moll view"Don Sylwester20160516
0239first eqn, "Gdiff ="cut extra open parensDon Sylwester20160428
0239equation for Gdiffclose parens missingTom Paul20161016
0253Fig. 6N.9insert R values Corrected fig. 6N.9
0271para. following fig. 6L.19text should be amended: replace "This time, the 10K variable resistor is too small..." with "The 10k resistor will cause the current source to fail when you dial R up to about 2k. You can see why, if you use a second meter to watch Vce."Michael Burmeister20160909
02716L.10 1st paragraph, and fig. 6L.18replace "100k" with "10k" and "10k" with "1k". Same in fig. 6L.18: 1k rather than 10k variable RMichael Burmeister20160923
0302fig. 7N.37, left sidecut "R1" to left of resistorDon Sylwester20160511
0313last line"LM11" should be "LF411"Michael Burmeister20160923
0315text below fig. 7W.5reference to "Fig. 4N.3.1" should be to Fig. 7W.5Felix von Delius20170201
0317third line, second bullet"LMP2015" should be "LMP2014MT", and after
"...chopper)" add "for this one we'd have to drop V+ from 15V to 5V"
Michael Burmeister20160923
0320last paragraph, first sentence"collect" should be "collector"Michael Burmeister20160923
0326fig. 8N.13R value shown in figure should be 390 ohms rather than 750 ohmsMichael Burmeister20160923
0329fig. 8N.17, right sideinterchange "+" and "-" inputs of upper comparatorMichael Burmeister20160923
0375fig. 9L.2figure should show +5V driving base lead
0401"Solution" "G= 100/(1 + 11)" should be "G = 100/(1 + 1)"20170220
0402last line before 9W.2"1faith" should be "faith"Don Sylwester20160511
0408first para"function" should be "functions"Michael Burmeister20161106
0410para above fig. 10N.3"show sa" should be "shows a"Michael Burmeister20161106
0411fig. 10N.6now repeats fig. 10N.5. Instead, should be:lb11_block_familiar_rMichael Burmeister20161006
0413fig. 10N.8top horizontal line, labelled "Ac" should be "Ac'" also upper "Ac * As" should include prime markMichael Burmeister20161106
0529middle"TTTL thresholds" should be "TTL thresholds"20160505
0607fig. 16N.9D0 should be driven by Q0*Christian Fink20170201
0670last sentence"2.52mm" should be
Don Sylwester20160502
0753fig. 19L.3;
parts list
7.5k resistor should be 3.3k; either 74HCT or 74HC parts may be used 20160506
0790fig. 20L.15RD* and WR* should be labelled "from 8051" rather than shown tied high: corrected figure20160414
1028caption of fig. 26N.8caption should be "Etch-a-sketch driven by stepper motors"Paolo Nenzi20160410
1080Fig. B.1, two text blocks"produts" and "fliip-flop" misspelledAaron H.20160518
1122parts appendixhookup wire must be solid, not stranded: part number should be "3051/1 BK005"Luis Gomes20160904
0070bullet point 4"betweeen Vout and Vout" should be "between Vin and Vout"Clayton Edge20170313
0030footnoterefers to site of AoE. Instead, refer to site, for now, we will reveal that one 'mystery' is a #47 lamp, the other a 33ohm power resistorStefan20170326